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See why Waunakee School District voters are supporting Ted Frey for School Board - in their own words!

Support for Ted: Press


I was born and raised in Sauk City, went to college in Milwaukee, then lived on the west coast for 15 years and met my wife. My family and I, subsequently, jumped on an opportunity to move to Waunakee just over 13 years ago. Our primary reason to live in Wisconsin was to raise our three children here, especially in Waunakee, with its reputable school system, family-oriented and social lifestyle, and proximity to Sauk City and Madison.

My wife was able to secure employment with the UW and I am able to adequately support my NASA responsibilities remotely (pre-covid, too). Another substantial reason we wanted to live here was to be closer to my family/relatives and my circle of childhood friends, an exceptional group of people.

Included in my circle of close childhood friends is Ted Frey, knowing him since 1st grade, attending Sauk Prairie schools with him through high school. He was one of the top performing students in our class of 1988 and one of the hardest workers, not only in academics, but also in the sports he competed in and extracurricular activities he was involved with, including his musical (piano) and artistic exceptionalism.

I have had the fortune of growing up with Ted, starting in first grade, into high school, sharing our thoughts and taking advice from him regarding classes, girlfriends, and what we wanted to be/do when we grew up; now, as an adult, and a father, I have asked Ted for guidance with running a business, our childrens’ schooling, raising our kids, and life in general. We have seen him raise his four exceptional children — his two oldest now attending the UW. I have come to respect and admire how he and his wife continue to raise their children. He is an individual I confided in many times throughout my life and will, without hesitation, continue to do.

Now, knowing Ted is running for the Waunakee Community School Board, I am ecstatic to give him my support and know he is the ideal person for this position – for the quality of our community’s educational system. Please consider casting your vote for Ted this April; any questions you have, I guarantee he will be enthusiastic to talk with you about them.

Thank you.


Waunakee Tribune March 3, 2021


“What makes a great school board member?” That is the question we asked Google before writing this letter to the editor. Here are some of the characteristics listed in the answer to that question:

-Be collaborative.

-Communicate well with various audiences.

-Be transparent and accountable to the public.

-Be willing to work closely with the community, staff and students.

Those traits certainly seem critical when we think about what it means to be a great school board member, but the phrase that really got our attention was: “Great school board members focus on what is best for all students.”

We can confidently say that Ted Frey fits all of the qualities listed. We have known Ted and Rebecca Frey and their family for over 14 years. Our children were in classes together, participated in school activities together, and became friends. If you know the Frey family, you will know that they are hard-working, active members of our community.

When we heard that Ted was going to be running for the school board, we were excited for the future of Waunakee schools and the children of our community. Ted is a down-to-earth, intelligent, thoughtful and caring person. If elected, he will put his heart and soul into being a great school board member because that is the type of person he is.

In these interesting times, it is more important than ever to have level-headed, fair and passionate people on our school board. People who will understand that they are representing the entire community and will “focus on what is best for all students.” Ted Frey fits the bill on all counts and we are appreciative of his willingness to step forward as school board candidate.

Please join us in our support of Ted Frey for the Waunakee School board. You can see more details at and please vote on April 6.


Waunakee Tribune February 18, 2021


In regards to the upcoming Waunakee school board election, I can’t say enough about my neighbor Ted Frey. I’ve lived next door to Ted and his wife Rebecca for 24 years and watched his family grow and develop through those years.

Ted has all the qualities I feel that a school board member should have. I can see those qualities not only in Ted, but also through his children and wife. Ted is respectful, polite, open minded, well spoken and creative in his problem solving. Ted is not one to take on a challenge lightly. He does his research, analyzes various aspects, and presents a credible solution as quickly as he can be informed of the issue.

He’s also not one to shy away from a particularly complex challenge. He is always able to stay calm and find a rational solution even in the most trying of situations. Whether that challenge is a severe storm throwing the neighborhood into a power outage, or the hardship of an illness that pushes the family physically apart. I’ve never seen him or his family lose faith. He and his wife have built a wonderful household. I feel this can be translated to our school community where everyone cares about and for everyone else. Ted Frey would be an excellent school board member, and I would be very excited to see what levels Ted might be able to elevate Waunakee up to. I’ll be voting for Ted Frey April 6.


Waunakee Tribune, March 25, 2021


When I think of all of the characteristics for a school board member, I can without hesitancy, recommend Ted Frey. My husband and I have been part of the Waunakee community for nearly 30 years. During this time we have had three children, and now three grandchildren, enjoy the educational and extracurricular activities offered in our fine Waunakee School District.

I know Ted not only as a friend, but a coworker as well. By being witness to his work ethic and dedication to his family one is able to experience many sides of his character. As a coworker his management position required him to be open minded in dealing with challenges and analytical in the details. His ability to interact with others in a diplomatic manner; assess the matter at hand; review it from several angles to determine positive/negative impacts, and have foresight to see what results are needed to ensure a successful outcome.

I am duly impressed with Ted and his wife, Rebecca. Both hardworking and very involved in their children’s schooling and outside activities. Ted, from high school through college, has pursued interests in art, music, athletics and earned a degree in engineering. Their kids are well mannered, have varied interests in extracurricular activities, and will speak and carry on a conversation with an adult – no texting required.

Ted’s combined skill set is essential as an advocate for the community in serving on the school board. His common-sense approach is always welcome, and frankly, refreshing. He will be an outstanding addition to the school board. Please join us on April 6 in voting for Ted Frey.


Waunakee Tribune March 18, 2021

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