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for Waunakee School Board


Why Vote for Ted Frey: Issues

Why I'm Running for School Board

I have seen the importance of being involved in your own child’s development and I am running for Waunakee School Board to bring that same advocacy for all students and their parents in their educational journey.

Thoughts on Education

The process of educating children, and its scope, has really evolved. We are fortunate to have incredible tools that allow families to access vast amounts of information at any time.  The pandemic has posed many challenges, yet technology allowed learning to take place virtually.  

And while there are many ways in which education has evolved today, there are still some core values that remain constant: providing the best educational opportunities for students, respectfulness across students, staff and community and the need to advocate for our students. 

Background with Education & Waunakee Schools

I taught 4th grade religion class at St. Norbert's for three years. This experience gave me a glimpse into the challenges of educating children.

Myself, along with my wife, are parents to four incredible kids. Two of them have graduated and are continuing their education at UW Whitewater and UW Madison.  The others are attending Waunakee High School and Middle School.  Waunakee schools have contributed greatly to all of their success.  

We have had great experiences with outstanding teachers, coaches, and staff across each grade level. Many have contributed to the success of our kids and created life-long memories and relationships. We are proud to be residents of the Waunakee Community and its great school district.

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